About us

Logistics Network Advantage

qHub Logistics is a leading logistics solution provider with a vast network spanning across the globe. We have four major hubs in the US and over fifty around the world, with an especially developed network all around China. Houston Logistics. Ontario Logistics.
Growth and Development
In 2001, Foxconn Technology Group founded qHub to handle its global logistics operations. The company was quickly recognized for its expertise in the handling of consumer electronics. Over the years, qHub has been honored to serve many prestigious brands such as Apple, Cisco, Amazon, and Google.
Houston Logistics. Ontario Logistics.
Today we have an established global network of both warehousing and transportation capabilities and have expanded into new industries including oil & gas, manufacturing, environmental recycling, automotive, agriculture, and health & medicine. Our clients include small entities, medium size businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. Houston Logistics. Ontario Logistics.
Serve You with Discipline, Accuracy, and Efficiency
One of the unique advantages of qHub is its capability to tailor to the needs of the customer and offer a one-stop logistics solution which covers the entire life cycle of the product. Our present and future growth stems from our continued success in handling our customers’ logistics with discipline, accuracy, and efficiency. Houston Logistics. Ontario Logistics.
With our resources, experience, and expertise in logistics and supply chain management, qHub can help your business grow regardless of your company’s region, size, or industry. We take pride in our customer’s growth and benefit from our services. Let qHub become your logistics provider today. Houston Logistics. Ontario Logistics.