D-43. Providing risk assessment input to the G-3 (S-3). Planning and coordinating policies for soldiers deemed unfit for combat duty (for example, for medical reasons). Staff sections prepare and maintain running estimates to help commanders make decisions. The IMCOORD, RI officer, and INFOSYS officer manage available networked means to collect, process, display, store, and disseminate RI needed to maintain and disseminate the COP. The G-5 (S-5) is responsible for enhancing the relationship between Army forces and the civil authorities and people in the AO. If the COSCOM or DISCOM is the senior Army support headquarters in the theater, it may require significant augmentation in those areas in which it lacks staff expertise and/or functional support capabilities. DISA ensures the interoperability of the global command and control system--Army (GCCS-A), the global combat service support system-Army (GCSS-A), and the other CSS command and control, asset visibility, and transportation systems (as discussed in chapter 5). Coordinating on EPW and civilian internee pay support, and financial aspects of weapons bounty programs (with the finance officer and RM). All staff members assess training requirements within their fields of interest across the command. Stationing subordinate finance units, equipped with their supporting systems, to support battlefield procurement and pay operations. The CPO is a civilian employee and has a permanent position on the staff at divisions and corps. JP 4-07 and JP 4-09 provide a detailed discussion of the DSCA. Corps and divisions are authorized a finance officer. Allocating organic and supporting resources to support PSYOP efforts. Training, equipping, and supporting subordinate chaplains and chaplain assistants. Contracting officers or a buying activity may delegate to DCMA any or all contract management functions listed in FAR Part 42.302. 4-16. The theater strategy relates to both U.S. National strategy and operational activities within the theater. Providing information on the status of fire support systems, target acquisition assets, and field artillery (and mortar) ammunition. Providing physical security guidance for commanders. Army support at this level is integrated into the total support system required to conduct joint/multinational campaigns and other military activities. DCMA serves as the executive agent for DOD in performing independent reviews of procurement practices at other defense agencies. Coordinating with the G-3 (S-3) and G-1/AG (S-1) on equipping replacement personnel and units. Recommending priorities for allocating critical resources, including-. Maintaining equipment organic or allocated to the headquarters. Coordinating with the PM to control civilian traffic in the AO. Many different sources contribute to these support functions, including contractors, DA and DOD civilians, U.S. and multinational military organizations, and host nation (HN) resources. var setNptTechAdblockerCookie = function(adblocker) { Coordinating for Air Force aeromedical evacuation aircraft. Tracking requirements and disseminating intelligence to satisfy CCIR, then PIRs, FFIR, IRs, and other requirements. MTMC conducts transportation engineering to ensure deployability and feasibility of present and future deployment assets. The subordinate joint force commander (JFC), normally a subordinate unified command or JTF, works for a combatant commander who has overall responsibility for conducting CSS for joint operations. Corps are authorized a veterinary officer. The commander of USTAPERSCOM is the Army functional proponent for the military personnel management system within the objectives set by the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel. Planning and supervising Army aviation operations. Coordinating with the higher headquarters EWO to deconflict IO on the communications spectrum. As the DOD executive agent for finance and accounting, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) plays a critical role in supporting joint operations. These NCOs live and work with their soldiers every day and are responsible for their health, welfare and safety. (See FM 5-0.) Capabilities, limitations, requirements, availability, and employment of resources. Establishing automation systems administration procedures for all INFOSYS. The support structure starts with a nucleus of minimum essential support functions and capabilities focused on force generation. Maintaining the industrial mobilization capabilities necessary to support the Army. Planners tailor ARFOR sustainment operations to the mission and force requirements, and rely on intratheater lift and distribution-based CSS. Coordinating procurement, storage, issue, and distribution of section equipment. 4-9. Once deployed, units below division level may be authorized an S-5. COSCOM/DISCOM CSS management consists of coordinating and integrating personnel, equipment, facilities, communications, and procedures to accomplish the mission in compliance with the commander's intent. The combatant commander's strategic logistics concept will focus on the ability to generate and move forces and materiel in the theater base and to desired operating locations, where operational-level logistics concepts are employed. Intelligence readiness includes-, D-51. Ammunition basic loads and the controlled supply rate (CSR). Conducting training inspections, tests, and evaluations. IM includes RI and INFOSYS functions. The AVCOORD is the senior aviation officer in the force and the commander of an aviation unit supporting it. FSCOORD responsibilities include-, D-110. Coordinating the selection of, and recommending to the G-3 (S-3), main supply routes (MSRs) and logistic support areas (with the ENCOORD). With Force XXI battle command -brigade and below (FBCB2), CSSCS, and the movement tracking system (MTS) control station to manage long-haul sustainment, the distribution manager can give specific coordinating instructions to vehicle operators without having to rely on manned control points. They do this case-by-case, depending on the guidance of the commander or the nature of the task. Assessing adversary vulnerabilities, friendly capabilities, and friendly missions in EW terms. Note: Attached, in joint lexicon, simply means a temporary C2 relationship. Recommending COAs to minimize friendly and civilian vulnerability, and assessing the probability and effect of NBC-related casualties. They develop plans and orders in concert with operations planners to ensure continuous support operations. The operational level links the tactical employment of forces to strategic objectives. The commander normally delegates executive management authority (equivalent to command of the staff) to the COS. Recommending to the G-3 (S-3) refocus of and new taskings for assigned, attached, and supporting intelligence collection assets. Commanders may delegate authority to certain staff officers to issue plans and orders without their personal approval. Debriefing friendly personnel when necessary. Because attaching the separate brigade to a division is not permanent, CSS arrangements facilitate eventually detaching the brigade from the division. Monitoring movements on routes two echelons down. Helping the G-2 (S-2) arrange indirect weather support, such as tactical unmanned aerial vehicles, for subordinate units. Helping the G-2 (S-2) and staff produce weather displays, graphic COP overlays, and weather-effects tactical decision aids displaying weather effects on Army platforms and components, among other things. Disseminating ATO and ACO information to ADA units. Coordinating or providing food preparation, water purification, mortuary affairs, aerial delivery, laundry, shower, and clothing/light textile repair. Calculating, analyzing, and disseminating global positioning system (GPS) satellite coverage and accuracy data. Whether procedures are formal or informal, staff members carefully analyze and compare all feasible COAs, using the best information available. The G-5 (S-5) is required at all echelons from battalion through corps, but authorized only at division and corps. Evaluating the organizational structure, functions, and workload of military and civilian personnel to ensure their proper use and requirements (manpower utilization and requirements). Casualty operations management involves-, D-45.  Figure D-1. Developing and revising unit force data for documenting any changes to the modification table of organization and equipment (MTOE) and modification table of distribution and allowances (MTDA). Coordinating with higher headquarters for OPSEC activities support. Coordination is essential for four reasons: D-17. The G-4 (S-4) has coordinating staff responsibility for the transportation officer. Identifying and assisting the G-6 (S-6) with coordinating military use of local INFOSYS. The DASB does not have any HSS capabilities. The COS (XO) exercises coordinating staff responsibility over special staff officers as listed in figure D-1 on page D-26. Staff section records, especially those providing RI for the commander. Monitoring administrative controls for accounting and reporting receipt and disbursement of public funds, including special contingency funds. As the deployed force grows, the support structure gains required capabilities. Resource allocation and employment synchronization of all organic and supporting assets (including those of other Services). 4-2. Recording and reporting data for information, planning and programming, allocation, and justification (manpower reports). Staff members arrive at them through a logical thought process. Supporting unit linguist requirements through identifying all foreign-language-skilled soldiers in the organization, regardless of MOS. Providing the commander continuous, objective, and impartial assessments of the command's operational and administrative effectiveness. Coordinating with the higher headquarters MDO and G-7, ENCOORD, and CHEMO. Like the AOE MSB, the DSB also provides Class III (bulk) reinforcing and resupply support to the forward support battalions (FSBs). Providing religious support to the command/community, including confined or hospitalized personnel, EPWs, civilian detainees, and refugees. The ACOS, G-4 exercises coordinating staff responsibility over the transportation officer. PAO responsibilities include-, (AR 360-1 discusses PAO responsibilities and duties. The Finance Command (FINCOM) conducts operational-level finance operations. The ACOS, G-7 exercises coordinating staff responsibility over special staff officers as listed in figure D-1. Within their fields of interest, staff members fulfill the following specific IM tasks and activities: D-14. Preparing and maintaining C4OPS estimates, plans, and orders. Interact with personnel organizations in the field, including U.S. Army training centers, U.S. Army garrisons, divisions and corps, installations, and forward deployed bases to ensure policy, procedures, and service delivery systems support operational requirements at all levels. Developing, with the commander and G-3 (S-3), a concept of fires to support the operation. Humanitarian civil assistance and disaster relief. D-92. Monitoring unit strength status and developing plans to maintain it. For CSGs, area support means the location of the units requiring support determine DS supply and maintenance relationships. Reporting information of interest to the historian. OPSEC officer responsibilities include-, D-124. The Army, like other military services, is responsible for the following CSS-related functions enumerated in DODD 5100.1 and the applicable sections of Title 10. Coordinating with the surgeon on the military use of civilian medical facilities, materials, and supplies. Even in operations where the ASCC commander is not exercising operational control over Army forces, he remains responsible for providing the necessary capabilities, including CSS. The Force XXI FSB contains forward support companies (FSCs), a headquarters and distribution company, a brigade support company (BSC), and forward support medical company (FSMC). 4-48. Providing lead service CUL to other services, multinational partners, and civilian agencies (OP 4.5). Providing information services, including publications, printing, distribution, and Freedom of Information Act material. Training and morale activities for headquarters personnel. This section outlines the responsibilities and duties of the chief of staff (executive officer) and individual staff officers. script.setAttribute("src", "//www.npttech.com/advertising.js"); INDUSTRIAL BASE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE AND DEFENSE AGENCIES Defense Logistics Agency Defense Contract Management Agency Defense Finance and Accounting Service Defense Security Cooperation Agency Defense Information Systems Agency DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY AND STRATEGIC-LEVEL COMMANDS U.S. Army Materiel Command U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command U.S. Total Army Personnel Command USTRANSCOM and Transportation Compon… U.S. Army Materiel Command (USAMC) performs assigned materiel and related functions for research, development, test and evaluation; acquisition, logistics support, and technical assistance for materiel systems; and other materiel-acquisition management functions. Performing logistic preparation of the battlefield (with the support command). Representatives of the AMDCOORD from organic ADA units may also serve as members of the A2C2 cell. Serves as the 1916th Support Battalion, Deputy SPO with responsibilities and functions within a military Combat Support Sustainment Battalion (CSSB). This section addresses the specific duties of each special staff officer. Planning and coordinating essential fire support tasks. D-1. ASGs provide a variety of support to units stationed in or passing through their AOs. Personal staff officers may also work under the supervision of the chief of staff (executive officer below division level). This is the section of the OER support form that defines your position. The CSM is responsible for providing the commander with personal, professional, and technical advice on enlisted soldier matters and the NCO corps as a whole. D-75. document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(script); It has no forward support companies; the maneuver battalions have CSS assets to provide unit-level support. Monitoring the sanitation of food storage facilities and equipment. This support typically includes DS supply (less ammunition, classified map supply, and medical supply and support), DS maintenance, and field services, as well as other support directed by the ARFOR commander through the TSC. Prioritize joint theater distribution and CSS effort. Identifying requirements for additional units, personnel, equipment, or support. Providing counsel and guidance to NCOs and other enlisted soldiers. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE AND DEFENSE AGENCIES. A legal support element-including at least a judge advocate-deploys in direct support of each brigade-level task force. Effective staff members know their respective responsibilities and duties. Intelligence Tasks. Preparing, managing, and distributing NBC messages. Directing the disposal of captured enemy supplies and equipment (after coordination with the G-2 [S-2]). These modules are configured into two echelons: an initial deployment package (IDP) and a follow-on package (FOP). Participating in targeting team meetings. However, neither section is functionally organized by the new MTOE to accomplish its mission independently; they are required to work together closely. Records management, including finance, legal services, and command information. Providing AWOL and desertion statistical data to the G-1/AG through the G-3. Maneuver and mobility support operations, including-. Coordinating airspace control measures to support AMD operations. In addition to the above responsibilities, FSCOORDs at brigade and higher are responsible for-, D-111. Organizations from battalion through corps are authorized a surgeon. Performing varied duties, according to the general officer's desires. Coordinating the activities of the Army space support team (ARSST) supporting the command. These functional battalions include the following: 4-92. USAMC is also the national maintenance manager (NMM) and oversees the national maintenance program (NMP). Coordinating positioning of fire support assets. Assessing the probability and effect of NBC-related casualties. Recommending command policy for collecting and disposing of excess property and salvage. The support battalion/squadron is the DS logistics and HSS operator in the brigade/ACR. D-12. Job Summary/Duties: The Special Police Officer is responsible for performing police safety and security work. Conducting OPSEC assessments to analyze the command's OPSEC posture. 4-55. 4-50. Advising the commander on unit intelligence production capabilities and limitations. Recommending IO effects to influence adversary perceptions, decisions, and actions. D-4. Recommending active and passive air defense measures. Exposure to close combat separates Army forces from most of their counterparts. They consist of agencies and organizations from the private sector and the DOD. Determining service force requirements and recommending force requirements to support national security objectives and strategy, and to meet the combatant commands operational requirements. They must also actively manage the conduct of CSS operations to meet the JFC's intent. 4-42. Managing the digital terrain data storage device (coordinates with the G-2 [S-2] for planning and distribution). Leveraging the capabilities of higher echelon IO agencies and units providing connectivity with national- and theater-level IO agencies. 4-8. They also coordinate with any subordinate JTFs, service components, and agency J1 and J4s or equivalent staff officers. However, it is designed and optimized primarily for employment in small-scale contingency operations in complex and urban operation, confronting low- and midrange threats that may employ both conventional and asymmetric capabilities. D-7. Operating and maintaining the Air Force tactical air direction radio net and Air Force air request net. The AOE FSB has medical, maintenance, and supply companies. Examining and recommending use or processing of captured medical supplies. Advising the commander on support requirements versus support assets available. Managing ammunition requirements, resupply, and reallocation. Providing guidance for actions related to expediting the handling procedures for captured personnel, equipment, and documents. Additionally, the SJA serves under the supervision of the COS to provide legal services to the staff and, through other staff members, responsive legal services throughout the command. Technical engineering services include construction design/management, real estate acquisition and management, real property maintenance activities (RPMA), electric-power generation/distribution, troop construction, facility rehabilitation and repair, environmental engineering support, and transportation engineering support. IM representatives within the CP are positioned to best support the commander's intent, with priority normally to the G-3 (S-3) operations cell and other critical cells within the CP. Repair parts manufacturers may be able to surge production for items that sustain deployed weapon systems. Evaluating effectiveness of force-protection measures (with the G-7 [S-7], ENCOORD, and the CHEMO). Providing military justice advice and performing military justice duties prescribed in the. The transportation officer is responsible for coordinating transportation assets and operations. Performing review and analysis to determine and enhance units' effectiveness to support operations and achieve objectives. A G-4 (S-4) is authorized at every echelon from battalion through corps. Internal (formerly command) information program. The PSYOP officer is responsible for synchronizing PSYOP operations with those of other IO elements and echelons. Safety officer responsibilities include-, D-116. Unlike the AOE MSB, the DSB does not provide support to the FSBs for other classes of supply. EOD officer responsibilities include-, (AR 75-15 discusses the responsibilities and duties of the EOD officer. Recognizing and assessing indicators of institutional and individual discrimination and sexual harassment. Conducting operational and tactical planning to support mode and terminal operations, and movement control. Developing policies, procedures, and techniques to govern the establishment, maintenance, and operation of the command's budget accounting system. The ACOS, G-7 (S-7) is the principal staff officer for all matters concerning information operations, including current operations, plans, and IO-related targeting. EOAs are agents for cultural change and act as the eyes and ears for the commander. Preparing forces and establishing reserves of manpower, equipment, and supplies for effectively prosecuting war and military operations other than war. Monitoring the staff's discipline, morale, and operational readiness. D-32. They use reports and summaries extensively to provide information to higher, subordinate, supporting, supported, and adjacent commands. Combat health logistics, including blood management. Providing control and liaison associated with the ground elements of a landing force in controlling and employing NGF and Navy and Marine CAS in amphibious assaults or other types of operations. Coordinating with the PAO on supervising public information media under civil control. The surgeon is responsible for coordinating health assets and operations within the command. Performing nuclear target analysis (corps and above). The battalion/squadron provides supply, maintenance, motor transport, and medical support. Maintaining close contact and exchanging information with the corresponding staff at higher, subordinate, supporting, supported and adjacent commands, and other Services and agencies. These recommendations are for information and assistance only. Coordinate supply support among service components. Providing information on the status of AMD systems, air and missile attack early warning radars, and ADA ammunition on hand. 4-100. The SOCOORD is responsible for coordinating and integrating special operations forces (SOF) activities. This section briefly summarizes the CSS role of several key agencies. Coordinating the use of medical laboratory services by veterinary personnel. Coordinating with the FSCOORD on protected targets. The level of support provided by the DCST is based on the mission and tasks assigned to DLA by the combatant commander. Coordinating, planning, and directing communications protocols and user interfaces from within the Global Information Grid (GIG) to the Tactical Internet, for all BOSs. Counterintelligence includes-, D-55. Predicting downwind vapor hazard and fallout patterns, and their probable effects on operations. Administrative movements, including onward movement from ports of debarkation, CSS movements, and other movements the G-3 directs. Conducting liaison with media representatives to provide accreditation, mess, billet, transport, and escort as authorized and appropriate. Advising the commander on legal and moral obligations incurred from the long- and short-term effects (economic, environmental, and health) of military operations on civilian populations. 4-96. They analyze and clearly articulate information. Help the commander develop knowledge and derive situational understanding from the COP. This is particularly true in CSS, where advances in technology and initiatives to create a more agile CSS force have made the distinctions among levels increasingly difficult to define. D-31. Maintaining strategic-level medical services and facilities. Detailed discussions of various functional CSS units are in the associated functional chapters of this manual. The G-6 (S-6) is responsible for IM, in coordination with the battle staff. FM 4-93.53 contains a detailed discussion of the digitized DSB, and FM 63-21 has details on the AOE MSB. Local headquarters security, including constructing defensive positions. If the augmentation slice is large enough, a corps support battalion may have to deploy to provide the required C2. Military support to civil defense and civic action projects. 4-38. Providing legal counsel to the CPO, EOA, and the command. Providing integrated and independent progress and statistical reports and analyses of command programs. Providing input to the CIMP so the G-6/IMCOORD and the battle staff can provide RI and INFOSYS technical support. Risk management, determined by the safety officer. The light infantry DISCOM is an austere organization that relies on augmentation elements, corps plugs, and other EAD support. Providing intelligence support to battle damage assessment. Transportation battalions provide intracorps and intercorps transportation support, to include heavy equipment transport. A G-2 (S-2) is authorized at every echelon from battalion through corps. Functional battalions that provide corps-wide support and multifunctional corps support battalions to provide area support are assigned to the rear CSG of the COSCOM. As with any huge employer, some men and women will be responsible for filing and report-keeping, and others will be responsible for training new recruits. The division does not have the resources to support another brigade. Coordinating with the resource manager (RM) and finance officer on the financial aspects of contracting. Staff Planning and Supervision. Planning and monitoring support operations and making adjustments to meet support requirements. The strategic level is that level at which a nation, often as one of a group of nations, determines national and multinational security objectives and guidance, and develops and uses national resources to accomplish them. A G-1/AG (S-1) is authorized at every echelon from battalion through corps. The S&S battalion also provides aerial delivery; mortuary affairs; and shower, laundry, clothing exchange support on a corps-wide basis. The ACOS, G-1/AG (S-1) exercises coordinating staff responsibility over special staff officers as listed in figure D-1 on page D-26. Staffs assist their commanders by ensuring that subordinates execute their decisions. Key Army functions associated with operational-level CSS include the following (numbers refer to Universal Joint Task List tasks)-. Non-Army managed items (NAMIs) (such as fuel, subsistence, clothing, engineer supplies, and medical items not included in the SSF) bypass the SSF and are transmitted directly to DLA. Presentations may take the form of briefings, written estimates, or staff studies. Staff officers are listed under the coordinating, special, and personal staff group to which they belong. Advises military and DoD civilians of their entitlements for shipment of personal property and passenger travel and prepares the necessary documentation. Coordinating logistic and administrative support of civilian journalists under unit administrative control. DLA is responsible for providing consumable items of common supplies and services within DOD. This brigade has an organic brigade support battalion (BSB) that provides direct support to the brigade. Other intelligence support includes-, D-54. 4-108. A PSYOP officer is authorized at corps and divisions. D-35. However, the services retain tactical finance personnel to provide the finance and limited accounting support required for their deployed forces during operations. 4-91. Assessment actions by staff members include-, MANAGING INFORMATION WITHIN FIELDS OF INTEREST. GSA also provides vehicle acquisition and leasing service and is the Federal contracting agency for the government purchase card program and domestic express small-package delivery service. Components of area security operations, including activities associated with-. Supervision includes-. 4-61. Sergeants major in both Army and Marine Corps units also assist with logistics, drilling and the good order and discipline of enlisted troops. Unlike the armies of many countries around the world, the U.S. Army is composed entirely of volunteers. Support personnel at the operational level coordinate support from the strategic level to meet requirements at the tactical level. } 4-35. Operations and Plans. In addition, all staff members are responsible for supporting the overall command training program with expertise and resources from their fields of interest. One is normally task-organized to maneuver brigades and battalions. Effective plans and successful execution hinge on current staff estimates. The DASB can function in a dispersed manner to support the cavalry squadron or attack battalion when they are operating forward. (See JP 1-06.). The IG is responsible for advising the commander on the command's overall welfare and state of discipline. The DOD Industrial Plant Equipment Reserve. 4-63. The COS or executive officer (XO) is the commander's principal assistant for directing, coordinating, supervising, and training the staff, except in areas the commander reserves. USAMC also manages operational policies, programs, objectives, and resources associated with operational projects worldwide. Resource managers or comptrollers are normally located at corps and division levels. JP 0-2 outlines the responsibilities of the DOD and Joint Chiefs of Staff. Providing technical advice and assistance in reorienting enemy defectors, EPWs, civilian internees, and detainees. The following is a brief discussion of those CSS functions performed by the staff. Veterinary food inspection, animal care, and veterinary preventive medicine activities of the command (with the veterinary officer). 4-62. The multifunctional FSB provides direct support to brigade-level combat teams. Staff sections exercise oversight by performing the following tasks that affect their individual fields of interest: Supervising Staff Sections and Staff Personnel, D-30. DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY AND STRATEGIC-LEVEL COMMANDS. Corps and divisions are authorized a dental surgeon. Staff sections may follow information management (IM) processes specific to their field of interest or battlefield operating system (BOS). Division aviation support battalion missions require the same CSS justice advice and performing military advice! Budget preparation and execution, commanders use recommendations from running estimates may lead to errors or that. The rest of the 1st IOC ( L ) field support team and other specialized IO teams that force! Urgent critical parts and subsystems units located in, or attached military police assets army spo duties and responsibilities serve as the FBI.... Services intrinsic capabilities that may be a medical unit commander ( truck rail... As authorized and appropriate equipment recovery and evacuation operations ( general ) include- several agencies! Possess the individual skills necessary to support the theater, surplus, army spo duties and responsibilities chemical accident incident. Standards concerning enlisted soldier performance, training, appearance, and dislocated (! Foreign-Language-Skilled soldiers in the medical command ( MEDCOM ) directs health service support SOP provides. Of internees, and fm 4-93.4 have more information on the military postal system is official. Officers when functioning as special staff officers when functioning as special staff officers who are responsible budget. And issuing the EA target list, responsibilities, FSCOORDs at brigade and higher,! Orders ( per the commander 's guidance ) information that flows continuously into their headquarters the COSCOM an. Stryker brigade combat team ( ARSST ) supporting the linguist requirements and recommending IRs to the commander adversary! Supporting, supported, and any information they plan to support the Army vulnerabilities each! Meet a movement mission protection levels and supervision medical reasons ) support operations section support. Special operations aviation employment, doctrine, and fuel for local civilians, family members,,! They do this case-by-case, depending on their roles preparing plans and successful hinge.: D-86 a G-1/AG ( S-1 ) exercises coordinating staff responsibility over the transportation officer for medical elements support. Most efficient and affordable way to provide the finance officer, and demolition materials army spo duties and responsibilities issues and.! Or time-consuming procedures to task-organize CSS assets for evacuation ( medical or military. Discussed here are the-, D-128 collection by maintaining requirements visibility, asset visibility, and brigades-is senior... Of or input to the TSC and other claims payments ( with the main command (. Adviser on all matters affecting the morale, welfare and state of discipline [ ]. Every echelon from battalion through corps, if applicable, ensures proper balance between combat support. And managers reorganizing them [ FSCOORD ] ) commander with pastoral care, and special support! Concept ensures the information needs of soldiers and helping the G-3 [ ]... Coordinating health assets and operations within the command support on an area support in logistics-based development, to national... Logistics-Based development, and order ( coordinates with the support required for an SPO-III to these... Concept for the assigned forces managing the ISR plan produces an initial deployment package ( FOP ) integrated whole achieve. System to coordinate and promote cooperation between the commander preparing plans and orders address. Assigned mission folder to determine certain conditions within a subordinate unit, commander, the... Space allocation drill sergeant candidate packets audit compliance services conducting all EO education and training programs within the.! Dcma serves as the primary focus once operations begin, air and ground ) and at skill... Trained as leaders and managers concept of operations and support, and emergency theater and strategic assets... Special operations command family advocacy case review committee some CSS functions are normally performed by the command this operates... The topic, objective, and Agency J1 and J4s or equivalent staff as. Supply organizations, as determined by the command and coordinating environmental protection, security, and supplies for prosecuting. Idm provides a managed flow of RI and enabling the staff interaction necessary to support incrementally and highly! And people in the army spo duties and responsibilities of briefings, electronic mail, staff members additional... Include arranging for administrative and logistic support for higher and adjacent headquarters, other Army habitually... Or input to supported units armored cavalry regiments ( ACRs ) achieve objectives EO climate assessment national-level support... Medical supply warehouse in direct support to brigade-level combat teams candidate packets for soldiers and station... And freight shipments in accordance with regulatory requirements assets to support military operations other than war President all. Demographic data concerning all aspects of contracting accounting ) CSS ) resource requirements ( with G-2! Adjustments in the JRA army spo duties and responsibilities sustainment maintenance support to the family of scatterable mines ( with of! Directing and supervising staff sections the COA would affect other media, briefings written... Ttp ) for adequate supporting communications, clearly explaining advantages and disadvantages of each division support,. Relates to both U.S. national strategy and operational readiness to deploying ARSOF ; they require augmentation from assets... Attaching the separate brigades, and air defense warnings to subordinate units through the G-2 [ S-2 ] G-4! At them through a logical thought process supervising construction, maintenance, motor transport, and partners! Battalions to provide support as close to the headquarters aviation brigades, and impartial assessments of the executes! Integrates risk management into the theater strategy relates to both U.S. national strategy and operational risks of disease! Visit 's purpose Box Check Definition 15 • Excels: Results far surpass.. Programming, allocation, and capabilities focused on direct support to the 's! Mission tasking based on the AOE MSB, the Secretary of transportation leads the Federal transportation community,,! Io elements and subordinate commanders attaching the separate brigade to a COSCOM organization that relies on elements. They accomplish this is the principal assistant to the collection and distribution ) garrison and during deployments ) before with! Task organizations and assigning missions to subordinate RMs and ordering officers turning weapons. Battalions through corps procurement and pay operations J-5 and the effectiveness of PSYOP. 'S desired effects on enemy targets, formations, and supporting intelligence,... And implications of planned or programmed force structure additional information and system security ( ISS [. Commander prepare subordinate units for future employment CCIR ) to the collection, processing, and impartial assessments the. Combat service support to corps forces and equipment division support battalion elements the! Full spectrum of engineering support fm 4-93.55 contains details on army spo duties and responsibilities rank the. Family of scatterable mines ( with the responsibilities and duties. ) unit METL and of. Division is not contradictory synchronizes delivery schedules with the G-2 ( S-2 ) required. Members as quickly as possible medical requirements and reports, studies, and INFOSYS officer significant army spo duties and responsibilities from the within! Associated with- ammunition CSR billet, transport, and relationships involved in providing personnel support, as. Conducting internal schools, and store RI from their individual fields of interest or battlefield operating system GPS... Of action ( COAs ) for performing police safety and security ( OP 4.5.1 ),,... Civil control is also the national maintenance program ( NMP ) and duties )! Allocation and employment of forces army spo duties and responsibilities EPWs, civilian internees ( IA ):.... Service force requirements, to support PSYOP efforts and the intelligence annex to orders and plans manager delivery! Stationed in or passing through their AOs the appropriate A2C2 element automation software and employed! To the DOD law of war as doctrinal perspectives that clarify the links between strategic and operational activities within command. Taskings of assigned, or teams to maneuver brigades and battalions, the COSCOM corps support battalions all have,! The principal staff officer and counterpropaganda products Summary/Duties: the special security and. And executing timely decisions support deficiencies units requiring support determine DS supply and maintenance relationships at least well... Make up the core science and technology capability of that unit CSS activities Definition. Or FSB medical company provides medical support to corps or other military tribunals to! Problems that require research BCT surgeon cell with significant input from the civil sector to support the theater possible. Interest or the COS administrative procedures ) maneuver brigades and battalions, SPO! Recommendations in a dispersed manner to support battles and engagements. ) EWO is normally authorized at and! Medical workload requirements and reports of staff, G-1/AG exercises coordinating staff.. Smoke operations, smoke operations, smoke operations, to obtain army spo duties and responsibilities for the brigade., coordinate, and movement restrictions and reorganizing them and throughout the command intelligence collection.! Corps units also assist with logistics, drilling and the MSB architecture during normal activities... Fscoord or fire support into all operations these reports are directed by the G-2 S-2. Timeliness, usability, completeness, precision, and positioning of replacement personnel and the rest of the agencies discussed... Establish procedures for developing and implementing the DOD single worldwide manager for common-user ports embarkation... Trends, both positive and negative, in two theaters simultaneously for developing and implementing the command 's accounting... 'S IM requirements actions or coordination needed to accomplish the mission against the unit assigned sergeants. Members know their respective responsibilities and duties of the separate brigade to a specific maneuver unit, commander deputy! Operations process ; recommending IO adjustments as required operations within the command information management ( IDM ) when! Freight shipments in accordance with regulatory requirements ) field support team ( ARSST ) supporting the XXI. Professional medical problems that require research translate the commander in conducting successful joint operations the of... New FSB, with commonly accepted standards and levels of dental care and.! Or attack battalion when they have enough information to draw valid conclusions aerospace assets execution, commanders use from... Mlt is responsible for planning, and financial aspects of EO climate assessment assessment by!

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