Mega Potion Also, can you farm the zinogre event? I can't get a gem drop. Not. Deviljho gems became available at the melder on the day Kulve Taroth was introduced. I've killed. Single. That makes my Odogaron Plate and Val Hazaak gem much easier to get without grinding the same monsters out over and over. Large Azure Era Gem: 200 Melding Points: Potion. actually if you check the hunters notes. WarNinja2012 10 years ago #9. i was fortunate to get my first 2 gems in the same rage match last thursday. These are all considered “Threat Level 3” monsters. I captured deviljho about 12 times, never got one. Carved one from a tail, and got another in the rewards. ive gotten 4 gems froma deviljho … Gold Wyverian Prints are used to meld high rank gems in Monster Hunter World. Finally, you can trade these trash gems for your shaver gem :) Kulve glimstones became available at the melder on the day Lunastra was introduced. it does not give you a choice of all the gems in the game tho, just a few ones. User Info: WarNinja2012. You can meld the gem. And so they come with some of the same loot. Odogaron Gem is a Material type of Item in Monster Hunter World (MHW).These useful parts are gathered and collected by Hunters in order to improve their Equipment and performance out in the field. If so, do it like 3 times then go to stream works to get like 200+ steel melding tickets; take these tickets to the elder melder and choose guiding alchemy. A. You can then convert these tickets to some basic gems. But the same rules apply, no matter which monsters you’re fighting. I've killed about 32 in the last two days. A rare gem said to have formed within Odogaron tissue. most of the time monsters will have ~3 parts that can be broken for a gem chance. Today is the Tomorrow you were promised Yesterday. Gold wyvernian print - and melder. Just wait or progress and get it the next time the print drops and do it then. I ended up with lots of deviljho gems, they drop fairly often. I'd therefore speculate Lunastra gems will become available at the melder on the day the next new monster is introduced (Bethemoth, I assume). so far i have seen Oh doggo plate and rathian plate on my list, haven't checked in a while, i dont know how often they rotate them. Drop. Seeing as there is nothing one can do to facilitate getting certain gems, I've switched from going for builds that need certain gems to just going for builds that can work with just armor/charm skills and get better if I … Besides tempered elder dragons, you can also get a Great Spiritvein Gem from any tempered Rajang or tempered Savage Deviljho in the Guiding Lands. I strongly feel the game was not designed to go after specific builds that require gems to use. Carved him 4 times, got a scalp on three of those (4th scalp, as i said, was from a tail carve) Given that experience, and the information listed in the guide, its a reasonable conclusion to draw So many.

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