Toto Carlyle II. The Ultramax II features a 3-inch trapway diameter which is larger than typical toilets, enabling more waste contents to exit the toilet bowl. The Toto Ultramax II toilet is one of the best toilets from Toto. Moving the toilet to the place where you want to install it will be a little difficult and costly. TOTO MS604114CEFRG#01 UltraMax II One-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Universal Height Toilet with Right-Hand Lever and CEFIONTECT, Cotton White 5.0 out of 5 stars 5 $575.40 $ 575 . Also, make sure that you use a new toilet seal in the installation process. For general feedback & inquiries, please contact us: Within the United States: TollFree: 1-888-295-8134 Direct: 770-282-8686 International: 001-770-282-8686 … 40 ($0.36/oz) FREE Shipping. A skirted toilet is a … Being a one-piece toilet, the TOTO Ultramax is very easy to install in comparison to standard two-piece toilets sold in the market. The TOTO UltraMax II features a sleek, one-piece … This product also features the highly effective Toto SanaGloss finish which is a patented glaze that ensures   a reduce in staining and the gradual accumulation of microbes and bacteria on the toilet. This toilet features an advanced 1.28 gpf powerful flush technology which enables low water consumption and makes it WaterSense certified. This is also the ideal and perfect bathroom fixture if you want a huge upgrade for your entire bathroom. TOTO People-Centered Design Smart Fact: The UltraMax II Toilet uses CeFiONtect ceramic glaze, which creates an extraordinarily smooth, ion-barrier surface to help keep the bowl cleaner with every flush. Ecology-minded luxury in a slim design, this WASHLET features the technologically advanced ewater+ system, which mists and cleans the bowl with … Toto MS604114CEFG#11 UltraMax II One-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Universal Height Toilet, Colonial White. The TOTO Ultramax II is admittedly not the most economic option in the market, but it is worth every penny. What else will I need to install this on my own. The SoftClose seat and cover use a hinge mechanism that allows them to close quietly and softly. TOTO | Elongated | Toilets . The Toto MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II One-Piece is extremely efficient when it comes to water-saving. The Toto Ultramax II is a gravity-flow toilet with Toto’s popular Double Cyclone flushing system. At only 1.28 gallons per flush (GPF), the Toto Ultramax II is one of the most environmentally friendly toilets available. The elongated bowl style promises comfort by making the toilet very comfortable to sit … Unlike conventional flush tanks, the Ultramax II features a large 3” valve that releases 1.28 gallons of water at … The TOTO UltraMax II One-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Universal Height Toilet with CeFiONtect projects TOTO’s mark of excellence: “People Planet Water.” The TOTO's UltraMax II features a sleek, one-piece design that will immediately beautify the appearance of your bathroom. Toto MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II One-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Universal Height Toilet with CEFIONTECT, Cotton White 4.3 out of 5 stars 548 $575.40 $ 575 . I recently bought a house and plan to remodel it before moving in. The nuzzles makes sure that not even a drop of water is wasted. These are two of the most popular toilets from TOTO. It saves water waste in the end, so you don’t need to pay high on water utility bills. It makes a centrifugal 360-degree swirling motion to clear the waste in the bowl and ensure that all the waste disappears in just one flush. WASHLET® S350e - Elongated with ewater+. This highly ergonomic toilet is sold complete with a soft-close toilet seat making it stand out in the market. The TOTO Ultramax II is a sleek one-piece toilet with an elongated bowl design and a single-lever operated flush. The TOTO UltraMax II Toilet features the Double Cyclone flushing system. But it also means that it will be heavier as the tank and bowl are conjoined. TOTO is one of the world's leading suppliers of bathroom products. $575.40 $ 575. This advanced toilet features a 1.28 gpf (gallons per flush) TOTO 3d Tornado flush with dual nozzles which creates a spiral washing action that assists in cleaning the toilet bowl more efficiently and no water getting spilled on the seat. The TOTO Ultramax II delivers what it has promised. TOTO Ultramax II WaterSense Elongated Chair Height Toilet 12-in Rough-In Size (ADA … When it comes time to replace the toilet in your bathroom, or if you’re doing a remodel, keep the TOTO Ultramax ii in mind for its sleek, modern design, it’s efficient flushing using only 1.28 … Toto Ultramax ii toilet with Sanagloss finish is the perfect example of a modern toilet with outstanding features. Replacement Parts for Toto Ultramax II Toilet One Piece Models #MS604114CUFG or #MS604114CEF Tank #CST604CEF(G) Tornado Flushing System 1.28 gpf Tank #CST604CUFG Double Cyclone … Being an upgrade of Toto Drake and Ultramax toilet series, this … This helps to provide more seating … This toilet is WaterSense certified which promises low consumption of water with every flush. The TOTO Ultramax II is a one-piece toilet that provides a clean, high-quality, solid and streamlined look. Investing in a toilet that ensures no leakage and breakages is better than investing in a cheap toilet that will force you to call the plumber every two months. The elongated bowl style promises comfort by making the toilet very comfortable to sit on. It is ideal for anyone who is looking for a way to save water with every flush and those who are too busy to clean their toilet every week. It is made of vitreous china which enhances the look of the toilet by making it look lustrous and shiny. Toto MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II One-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Universal Height Toilet with CEFIONTECT, Cotton White, L 28 3/8" x W 16 1/2" x H 28 3/4", 4.1 out of 5 stars 325 $563.50 $ 563 . This enables a more advanced cleanse and the nozzles conserve a lot of water in the process. Check the Price Here. The UltraMax II 1G Toilet uses Tornado Flush Technology, which siphons water with two powerful nozzles, harnessing the power of water and gravity to maximize cleaning and use water more … With its multiple features, style selections, and advanced flushing technology, it proves to be one of the best toilets in the market today. The water from the nozzles moves into the bowl using the centrifugal 360-degree swirling motion. Using two powerful nozzles, the Double Cyclone flushing system creates a forceful centrifugal action that cleans the rim and bowl … The toilet has a universal height of 17 ¼ inches which promises comfort and complies with ADA guidelines. The Toto Ultramax one-piece toilet comes with most of the features that people desire in a modern toilet, but it is also quiet in operation.Just like many other Toto toilet models, the Ultramax toilet is made of vitreous china, and it is extremely durable.And, the Toto Ultramax price is lesser than the Toto Ultramax II.Read this Toto Ultramax … Also, this one-piece toilet provides a modern, high quality and streamlined look making it one of the best toilets in its league. The TOTO Ultramax II is a sleek one-piece toilet with an elongated bowl design and a single-lever operated flush. The SanaGloss finish covers the entire toilet bowl which prevents mold, bacteria or waste content from sticking to the surface. 4.3 out of 5 stars 479. This is because of its excellent performance and amazing features. … Thus, Toto has created a newer model is called Ultramax II. for pricing and availability. The Toto Ultramax II … Is the tank insulated, so it doesn’t sweat? It has a 1.28 gpf flush that conserves a lot more water than a standard toilet with a 1.6 gpf flush. This model is mid … Compare + 1 More. For the newly bought house, I don't know if I need to replace the toilets with Toto ultramax II … Its dimensions are 28.3 x 16.6 x28.8 inches and it weighs around 99 pounds. This fully glazed trapway has the advanced SanaGloss finish which doesn’t allow bacteria or stain marks to stick. As it is a one-piece toilet, there are no gaps between the bowl and tank which ensures no dirt is hidden in the nooks and crannies of the toilet. It also comes with a variety of color selections like Bone, Cotton White, Sedona Beige and Ebony. Toto makes a few skirted toilets Toto Carlyle II being one of them. 40 Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. It will still shine even after years of use, thanks to its great features and dur… Find My Store. The Ultramax 2 continuously proves to be one of the leading toilets in the market because of its excellent and ergonomic design, sleek appearance and an ingenious flushing mechenaism. Ultramax II liquid flush test. They both have their own benefits and we’re going to help you differentiate between the two in an informative guide. It features a Double Cyclone flushing system with a gravity flush that sucks the contents from the toilet bowl using a 3-inch flush valve. TOTO Ultramax II One Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet with Double Cyclone Flush System, CeFiONtect and Right-Hand Trip Lever - SoftClose Seat Included Model: MS604114CEFRG $575.40 It provides performance, efficiency, comfort and a sleek one-piece design. All Rights Reserved. 50 … 40 $822.00 $822.00 The wax ring/ wax seal and water supply lines need to be bought separately. I have two Toto ultramax toilets in my current house. It also provides the Universal Height feature from TOTO that makes this toilet ADA compliant and accessible to people of all ages.

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